Control4 vs Savant

Control4 and Savant, Control4 vs Savant,

Control4 vs Savant

Control4 vs Savant

There are a number of systems around that enable you to set up a smart home. Two of the well-known brand names are Control4 and Savant – but what’s the difference? And why might you choose one over the other?

There’s no doubt that each is equally capable of controlling lighting, the temperature of your home, multimedia devices, security systems, and so on, but just as every car is still a car, some manufacturers provide features that others don’t.

The Front End – How to Interact

One of the most important features of a home automation system is how the user is able to interact with the software running everything. Both systems use a standard app style interface with buttons to press to access different configuration settings.

The difference is in the presentation – Control4 shows an icon of a lightbulb with the word “Lighting” below it for configuring (you guessed it) the lighting, where Savant uses a photographic representation of the setting along with a title overlaid in plain text.

Most users will be more used to seeing an icon based interface, so Control4 has a slightly easier learning curve. Both systems have basic connectivity with Alexa and Google Assistant, so voice control is a possibility.


Lighting control is a convenient way of managing the light and shade in your home, but the main focus with controlling this is on the lighting element. Automated shades open and close based on a schedule or a sensor, and will integrate with most kinds of system. Lighting is a little more interesting.

One of the oldest names in automated lighting is Lutron, who have manufactured solutions for quite some time. The Savant system will work with Lutron bulbs, although their own lighting solutions are available – but less popular.

Control4 also has its own lighting system which is popular, and maintain compatibility with Lutron. The Control4 lights can automatically adjust based on the amount of ambient light the control pads receive, which is something Savant doesn’t do.


While the Savant system supports connection to a door camera, all Control4 panels have built in video intercom systems. You can check who is at your door, or just chat with other people around your home. Control4 is a clear winner here.


Both systems work nicely with a range of security devices, although the exact devices do vary. Whole house music is catered for by both, including connectivity with Pandora, Deezer, Spotify, and others. Both will help you set your thermostat with no fuss, and generally do a good job of running a smart automated home.

The choice is yours!

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