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Access control

Security is one of the most important features that can be added to a smart home. Access control features for keeping people and possessions safe, and keeping unwanted intruders out, are more than enough reason to begin to automate your home.

As professional installers, we have many years of experience installing different security systems. While bolts and keys can provide a certain level of safety, incorporating home automation features rapidly increases the effectiveness of any security system.

Upon arriving home, an automated garage door and gate will allow you access to the property, but prevent anyone else from being able to follow you in. When entering your home via a door, automated door locks will unlock when they sense your presence, and lock after you have entered the building safely.

The rules for allowing access to your home can be configured in different ways, including for individuals that are trusted to enter, or on different time schedules, depending on your needs.

Internal door locks can also be employed, meaning that certain areas of your home can have restricted access. As the systems are configured by control panels and apps, you don’t need to change the locks on your doors once they have been installed – changing the system settings will allow changes to access to different areas.

If automated door locks aren’t enough to bolster your sense of security, we are capable of installing a full range of surveillance cameras, home alarm systems, intercom systems, and other security devices to increase the safety of you, those you care about, and all your possessions.

Additionally, it is possible for the unlocking system to know which individual has entered the building. This will allow preconfigured settings to be applied, ensuring that you always walk in to the most pleasant lighting, in a home with the thermostat set to the right temperature, with your favorite song playing.

Home automation is meant to provide convenience for those who use it, so why not use it to its best?

Intercom Systems

A boon for both security and convenience, intercom systems allow you to communicate within your own home to a different room or location without having to be physically present.

You can use an intercom to see who is standing outside your front door. A door station will connect into your home automation system, allowing you to communicate via audio or video as you choose – a video intercom will always allow you to see who is standing there, but they don’t necessarily have to see you.

You can use this kind of intercom from anywhere within your home, or even from a remote location. In a full home automation system, you can discover when a delivery person is at your door while you are at work, talk to them, remotely open your garage door, let them drop off their package, and close and lock the garage door behind them.

You can also use an intercom system to communicate with family members around the home. Sick of shouting everyone for dinner? Put a call out on every intercom point you have around your home and let them know all at once, without having to raise your voice.

Need some assistance? See who is available. Want to entice someone to try the food that’s on the table? Use a video intercom system and show it to them.

Intercom systems facilitate easy communication between members of your household and people coming to visit with a minimum of fuss. Never wonder if the delivery driver is at the door again!

When built into a home automation system, you can enhance your security and build more convenience into your life than you may have previously thought possible.

To get your intercom system installed or find out more about your options with integrating an intercom system into a smart home, get in touch today to find out more.

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