Surveillance System

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Cameras

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras are dynamic tools that can benefit any security or surveillance program. Offering users, the ability to leverage a 306-degree view of any space, PTZ cameras provide unprecedented situational awareness in any setting. Compatible with innovative auto-tracking software, PTZ cameras can track any suspicious activity that may be occurring within a particular area. For those users who want to be in complete control of their vantage point, the workhorse of these cameras is their associated PTZ Controllers, which allow users to effortlessly direct their PTZ camera units in any direction. Overall, PTZ cameras provide users with a unique combination of automatic and user-defined options, allowing for the affordable creation of diverse security environments.

Dome Security Cameras

Dome security cameras were named for their dome-like shape. A common component of security systems used throughout homes, stores, and campuses, dome cameras offer users a robust functionality at an impressively affordable price. Thanks to their tinted dome, it is challenging for those being observed to tell which way the lens of the security camera is pointed. As such, dome cameras can serve as a strong deterrence, regardless of where their lens may be focused. With numerous different features offered – ranging from indoor and outdoor variations to night-vision enabled models – there is undoubtedly a dome camera available that aligns with your firm’s budget and surveillance needs.

Fisheye Security Cameras

A fisheye security camera, named for the panoramic “fisheye” style vantage point that these units provide, enables users to simultaneously monitor an entire area with a wide field of view. With numerous different variations – ranging from 180-degree to 360-degree viewing angles – one fisheye surveillance cameras can monitor an area that would likely require multiple traditional surveillance cameras to cover adequately. Best of all, when purchased from a reliable vendor, these panoramic, waterproofed cameras can deliver a 360-degree view without image distortion – ensuring that quality surveillance footage can be utilized to prosecute trespassers or vandals should the need ever arise.

Bullet Security Cameras

Bullet security cameras are commonly utilized in pre-packaged surveillance systems tailor-made for homeowners and small businesses. While these cameras are frequently shaped like bullets, their name comes from the fact that they are placed at a specific angle, pointing towards certain directions much like the barrel of a gun. As one of the most commonly used cameras throughout the surveillance industry, there are an endless variety of bullet cameras available – each able to offer unique features at price points that satisfy any budget. Known for their flexibility and outstanding performance, these units are an excellent option for those looking to create a dynamic surveillance apparatus.

Turret Security Cameras

Turret cameras, also commonly known as a mini-dome camera, utilize a ball-and-socket design, which allows for superior camera mobility. With features that allow for an easy adjustment of their viewing angle, turret surveillance cameras often overshadow bullet and dome cameras in the design of advanced surveillance systems. Furthermore, since there is no external plastic housing on turret cameras, these units are not prone to the glare issues that commonly plague dome-style surveillance cameras. For those looking for these extra features, turret surveillance cameras offer an impressive level of versatility that is unlikely to break the bank.

Night Vision

In today’s world, security professionals must be able to guarantee quality surveillance capabilities day and night. Night-vision enabled surveillance cameras to provide security teams with the ability to capture every incident that occurs during the night clearly and effectively. Frequently, cameras that leverage night-vision technology also has wide range capabilities, ensuring that your team can capture each event that may occur on within your properties. Best of all, the installation of a night-vision camera can also satisfy the requirements of a day-time surveillance system, as these units are able to shift from operation both day and night seamlessly.


Varifocal features allow operators to adjust the focal length, the angle of view, and level of zoom that a surveillance camera utilizes for its observations. As such, surveillance systems that use varifocal cameras will automatically have a high degree of versatility and customizability built-in to the initial system. Varifocal technology, which is most commonly seen within PTZ cameras, allows users to gain a clearer picture of events that are occurring in throughout their surveillance system’s field of view. This affords security professionals the dual benefits of greater situational awareness and the ability to track possible suspects as they navigate their way through your property or campus location.

Motion Detection

As the name suggests, a motion detection surveillance camera is a device that is automatically activated after detecting motion. This presents security professionals with many potential advantages. For instance, a motion-activated camera will only record video after it recognizes a moving object. Due to this fact, users of these cameras can watch a small sample of surveillance footage, as opposed to having to keep track of hours upon hours of video. Better yet, motion detection cameras are far more reliable than non-motion detection enabled cameras or any other type of traditional surveillance camera.

Line Cross

Line-cross surveillance cameras allow users to add a line or multiple lines on a specific camera’s field of view that should not be cross. If a line that has been set is crossed, then your surveillance camera can be configured to begin recording automatically, send an alert, or even sound an audible alarm. Line crossing-enabled security cameras are ideal for property monitoring, surveillance of parking areas that should not be entered, and even fence detection. This technology allows users to create a highly configurable surveillance solution that can be tailor-made to satisfy your unique security concerns.

Facial Recognition

As mentioned previously, motion detection is a common and useful feature utilized in many surveillance cameras on the market today. However, such technologies are limited, especially if your security team is hoping to capture meaningful footage that could be used to place an individual at the scene of a potential act of trespassing or crime. Thankfully, facial recognition technology, which is capable of capturing a bright and vivid picture of a particular individual, and alerting users if a known trespasser is back on your property grounds. Such technology truly represents a next-level development in surveillance camera technology and is sure to assist security professionals around the world in defending against known and repeated offenders.

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