Control4 is a manufacturer of home automation products used to control the array of devices found in a smart home. We are an authorized Control4 dealer, able to supply all the equipment you need to make your home work as you want it to.

Fully configurable, Control4 devices allow you to control lighting, heating and cooling systems, home theater systems, whole house audio, and more.

Devices that incorporate security and monitoring features including allowing communication from remote locations round out a range of products that will allow you to make your home do the things you want it to at the push of a button. As a Control4 dealer, we have access to the full product line and can recommend the correct device for any and every project you may have. Such is the level of technology involved that you will be able to access and control every feature in your smart home from anywhere with an internet connection.

Aside from ease and convenience, Control4 home automation will also enable you to reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency. Forgotten to lower the thermostat before you went out? No problem. Change it from wherever you are. Need to turn the lights out in a different room? Just press a button – job done!

Control4 automation systems can control single devices, rooms, and even whole houses. The scope of your project is only limited by your imagination. Integration with mobile apps and phones, touchscreen interfaces, and in-home communication are all within easy reach.

You can even see who is at your door, help them make a delivery, and secure your home after they’ve gone – even when you’re not in! Because your mobile device can become part of the system, you need never be out of touch with what’s going on at home.

Contact us today, your local Control4 dealer, to start planning your home automation project.

How we can make your home smart

Control4 Smart Home solutions are not one size fits all. They are completely customizable solutions perfect for all sorts of spaces and budgets, aimed to make life at home more convenient and enjoyable. Our smart home professionals are experts at turning your house into a dream haven.

Smart Lighting

Routines get a lot easier when one tap or voice command turns on selected lights to help you cook, entertain, or get ready for the day. It’s not just smart, it’s brilliant.

Multi-room Audio

Play all your favorites in one room—or every room—from all your favorite streaming services. Enjoy the best tunes in the very best quality with music the way it is intended to be heard.

Climate Control

The battle of the thermostat can finally be won. Cozy up with climate control the entire family can agree on! Smart scheduling, voice control capabilities, even integrations with shades and fans. It’s your home, only more comfortable.

Home Security

Imagine how secure you’d feel if your home sent you real-time notifications, alerted you to guests at the door, and even turned on lights and TVs while you’re away to deter home invasions.

Home Network

A strong, reliable home network is the backbone to every smart home haven, and you don’t want to skimp out on the foundation of something you use each and every day. Start your smart home journey right—with a strong network.

Home Theater

A cinema experience so immersive you won’t ever want to step into a theater again. With total control of the lights, temperature, speakers, and all entertainment gear, your home theater just became a box office hit.

Intercom Anywhere

The ability to check in on your home and communicate with loved ones is right in the palm of your hand. An intercom system, smart doorbell, video communication tool, and more all wrapped up in one attractive and easy-to-use app.

Voice Control

Complete control of your home’s lighting, audio, entertainment, security, and more, using only your voice. A hands-free way to simplify your life is right at the tip of your tongue. Now that’s something to talk about.

What is Control4 Home Automation?

There’s so much to accomplish in your day, wouldn’t it be nice if your house was able to manage itself? Thankfully, home automation makes it easy to connect your entire home, so everything works together to make entertainment systems easier to use, homes more comfortable and energy efficient, and families more secure.

Start Small, Go Big!

Home automation shouldn’t be one size fits all. Control4 gives you the ability to automate at your own pace, as your time and budget allow. Start in one room and add solutions and products as you go. No matter how old (or new) your home is, there is a Control4 system that will work for you.

You’re in Control

A certified Control4 installer ensures your system and network is set up correctly. After the initial installation, as routines and schedules change, so can your automation. When >> Then Automation makes it simple to make changes and adjustments without your dealer with just a few clicks.

A Reliable Network

Smart homes are filled with connected devices, smartphones, streaming services, and more. That’s why a high-performing network is crucial. Control4’s Pakedge networking solutions feature the highest-quality products—designed for the demands of your connected home.

Complexity Made Simple

A connected home should not be a complex home. That’s why Control4, and the 10,000 devices that work in the Control4 ecosystem, works to deliver simple, intuitive, personalized control that allows the devices in your home to work together in orchestration. All designed exclusively with YOU in mind.

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