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Home automation can be seen at many levels. Anything with a timer or a sensor (for example, a thermostat on a heating system) could be considered a form of home automation. But in the 21st century, home automation tends more towards the concept of a smart home.

This includes concepts such as being able to remotely set the temperature of individual rooms, speaking out loud to tell the lights to turn on, playing music around the entire building in perfect synchronization, greeting visitors via an intercom from anywhere, closing the shades without moving from your seat, and so on.

Companies like Lutron provide lighting solutions for every room in your home, including automated shades. Control4 and Savant provide home automation solutions that allow you to control virtually everything in your home at the touch of a button.

Imagine waking up to your favorite song softly playing as the shades open to a perfectly heated room. As you leave home to go to your first appointment, you tap a button and doors are securely locked, alarms are enabled, and the heating is lowered. Someone arrives while you are out – you can see them standing at your door and communicate with them via an intercom. When you come back home, the garage door opens automatically, the door lets you in, and you find the home is perfectly heated, the lights are on, and another of your favorite songs is playing.

It’s almost as if there was another person there running the house with you, but they never tire, never forget anything, and always make everything easier for you. Home automation simply makes your life easier, and we can help it become a reality in your life. As authorized dealers of Savant, Lutron, and Control4 products, we can upgrade your life no matter where you live.

We can design custom systems that fit in with your lifestyle to give you the greatest benefit possible from home automation, whether you want to be woken comfortably, enhance your security, or just have a helping hand around the home.

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