Lutron Lighting and Shades

Throughout your life you will have become accustomed to turning lighting on and off by pressing a button or flicking a switch. You’re used to closing shades or blinds to shut out the outside and opening them again to bring in natural light.

Home automation systems can take this to a whole new level. Instead of manually performing these functions, you can simply speak to a device and the work will be done for you. Lighting “moods” can be configured – if you like the dimmer turned down a certain way at bedtime, you can configure it that way and it will happen automatically.

With special lightbulbs, the color of the lighting can be changed. Lighting control is much simpler when it is automated.

As Lutron and Control4 dealers, we can provide and install the control systems needed to enable these features, along with the shades and lighting themselves. We can install QMotion shades that are directly controllable from Amazon Echo devices – just ask Alexa to close the shades and it will happen automatically.

An alternative is to use Somfy shutters, curtains, and blinds. Fully motorized, they’ll open and close as required. By setting up time-based automated processes, your windows can be covered over in the evening, and uncovered again in the morning. This facilitates a good night of sleep with an easy morning routine that allows you to get on with your day without worrying about the little things.

If you hate coming back to a dark home, lighting control systems can be configured to automatically illuminate your lights before you arrive. There’s nothing more welcoming than coming into an environment that has specifically been prepared for you. To find out more about home automation can improve your way of life and to investigate all the possibilities of lighting control (including color-changing lights and automatic blinds) get in touch today.

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