Whole Home Audio

Distributed audio, also known as “whole home audio”, “whole house audio”, and sometimes “whole audio”, is a method of having access to a selection of music around your entire home. Video distribution uses the same concept, allowing the viewing of content on multiple screens simultaneously.

Anyone who has ever held a party has understood how a whole house audio system could be of benefit, but having the option to use your media in any room in your home presents other advantages that aren’t just party-related.

This does not entail having a cacophony of sound and video around your whole home whenever you watch or listen to anything – homes can be divided into zones or rooms for distributed systems, and only 1 zone needs be active at a time.

Further, systems like the Sonos speakers work over wifi and are portable, meaning you can take the music with you wherever you go within your home.

As part of a home automation system, we can supply and install a variety of audio and video distribution technologies to enable you to enjoy your content all around your home. Utilizing both wired and wireless solutions, we will tailor the system to match your requirements.

Because of the large amounts of digital data that is being distributed, it is often better to use a wired solution – this may be to increase the network data transfer capacity, or purely be for audio/video cables. The net result is the same, the audio and video reaches its destination around your home in the highest possible quality.

Our team has had experience of installing this kind of system for over 20 years, and so we are well aware of the best way to achieve the results even the most demanding customers want – including using 4k TVs with high definition wireless audio.

If you have an interest in installing a whole home audio system, setting up some Sonos speakers or finding out about the best alternative wireless audio products, get in touch today and we’ll help you get started.

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