Cost of automated shades

Automated shades

Cost of automated shades

Shades come in many different shapes and sizes, and automated shades have a few extra options to consider too. As automated shades run on electricity, a power source needs to be applied in order for them to open, close, and be adjusted.

This power source can either be a battery or a direct connection to the electrical supply at the property. Battery-powered shades are of course easier to install as they require no modification to existing wiring, and the type of battery they use can last up to 3 years before it needs changing.

Cost of automated shades

Automated shades can be a lot more expensive than manual shades, but the benefit is in their usage. As the sun changes position, you may need to adjust the shades throughout the day. With automated shades, this operation can be performed via a timer or even with a sensor or software program that determines the position of the sun.

The fitting cost of automated shades is also often higher than the fitting cost of manual shades, but of course, there is more to it with the automated variety, including firmly securing the motor and making sure it is connected to your smart home.

So far, you may be thinking that there are not enough advantages to automating your shades to make it worthwhile, but there’s more. How often have you gone to pull down a roll-up blind and tugged it a little too hard? How many times have you twisted the handle or pulled a string, and something has gone wrong with your shade?

Automated shades make it less likely that this will occur. The motors are smooth and quiet, and the shading is activated in a reliable manner. This means you are less likely to suffer an accidental breakage and so won’t have to replace your automated shades anywhere near as often as you may need to with manual shades.

When you factor in the increased security provided by shades that can auto-activate when you aren’t even home, the benefits begin to become clearer.

The fabric part of either kind of shade, manual or automated, will cost around the same. An automated shade costs that bit extra for the motorization and connectivity, which provides you with enhanced comfort, longer-lasting shades, and greater security for your home and those who live in it.

The cost of installing new shades isn’t just about the price at the checkout.

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