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Control4 Lighting can be added to a frequently used room or throughout the entire house. And with different types of interactions—such as a touch screen that allows for easy ramping or dimming of any light, a dedicated keypad that activates a “scene” at the touch of one button, or control of the lights using just a voice command—smart home automation lighting with Control4 is both brilliant and beautiful. You can even program the lights to respond to a homeowner’s schedule, without any touch at all. All possible with Control4 Lighting.

One-Room Lighting Control

For dedicated home theaters and family rooms, smart lighting can help set the mood and create an ambiance perfect for watching a movie or relaxing together.

Main Living Areas

Every home has areas which are frequented by the family that can benefit from smart lighting. The kitchen, family room, master bedroom, and front porch are common examples. Control4 Lighting in the main living areas provides homeowners the benefit of taking advantage of lighting control in many different situations throughout the day. From waking in the morning, to entertaining, to going to bed. Also, by focusing on the smart Control4 Lighting budget on the high-value/high-traffic areas of the home, the benefits of smart lighting are more affordable and approachable for your customers.

Whole-Home Control4 Lighting

Whole-home Control4 Lighting provides for a consistent experience and lighting control throughout the home. Every room and light can benefit from smart lighting, and wall clutter is reduced by simplifying lighting access and control. In any whole-home project, you can do strictly Centralized or Wireless Lighting throughout the home. However, when budgets are constrained, you can also take a hybrid approach and mix both Centralized and Wireless Lighting to achieve an overall lower-cost total solution

Homeowner Benefits of Control4 Lighting

Intelligent lighting that enhances beautiful lighting and design.

Easily set the mood or create ambiance in a room or throughout the whole home using smart home scenes with the single touch of a button or with a voice command.

Intuitive and easy for the whole family to use, control lighting from a keypad on the wall, a mobile device or tablet, Apple Watch, and even Amazon Alexa voice control.

Peace of mind with smart lighting that illuminates your home for you.

  • Mockupancy simulates an occupied home even when away.
  • Never arrive at a dark home, thanks to lights that turn on as the garage door is opened after sunset.
  • In an emergency, automatically turn on every light in a home.
  • With multi-color LEDs, see if the front door is locked or the garage door is closed from across the room.

Improve energy efficiency with porch lights that turn on and off on a schedule and lights in a room that turns off when you leave.

More than just lighting, coordinate everything in a smart home, and start music or adjust audio volume with smart keypads.


Status LEDs Provide visual status of scenes or devices. RGB LEDs can be changed to virtually any color

Ambient light sensor Automatically adjusts backlight and status LED brightness depending on the light level of the room.

Backlit buttons Illuminate engraving for easy viewing. RGB backlighting allows virtually any color to light up each button.

Custom engraving Clearly identifies each button so you know what you’re controlling before you touch it. Keycaps can be engraved in up to 130 different languages, including English, Spanish, German, and Chinese.

Set the mood for a movie with lights that automatically dim when a customer presses “play” on a Control4 remote and turns back on when “pause” is pressed.
Panic Button
One button that turns on all lights in a home. Scare away an intruder or have the light you need to respond to an emergency.
Kids Bedroom Lights On
Program the LEDs on a keypad in the master bedroom to show if the lights or TV are on in a kids room after bedtime.
Intelligent Front Porch
Create a schedule for all exterior lights to turn on at sunset and off again before sunrise

The Control4 Keypad

The Control4 keypad unlocks many benefits of smart lighting and automation. More than simply a way to turn on the lights n a room, the keypad becomes the easiest way to intuitively live with automation.
Make the choice to add smart lighting about more than just upgrading a light switch

One-touch lifestyle

  • With a single touch of a keypad button, a homeowner can turn on the lights in a single room or the whole home.

Multi-color LEDs

  • Multi-color LEDs on the keypad provide visual feedback about the state of a home or the lights. By default, the LEDs show which lights are currently on but with additional programming can show whether the front door is unlocked or a garage door is left open.

More than just lighting

  • Start a favorite playlist, adjust the volume, and more.

Backlit with custom engraving

  • Makes it easy for the whole family to use.

Control4 Smart
Lighting Products

Control4 Lighting Home Automation & Theater Experts

Control4® Adaptive Phase Dimmer

Compatible with virtually any load type. Supports both forward- and reverse- phase dimming. Available in 120V, 240V, and 277V versions. Also available in square format for UK and Euro markets.

Control4 Lighting Home Automation & Theater Experts

Control4® Configurable Keypad

Provides elegant control of lighting scenes, blinds, music, and more. An assortment of buttons are included and can be arranged in up to 38 different configurations. Available in 120V, 240V, and 277V versions. Also available in square format for UK and Euro markets.

Control4 Lighting Home Automation & Theater Experts

Control4® Keypad Dimmer

Combines dimming capabilities of the Adaptive Phase Dimmer with the customization of a Configurable Keypad. Available in 120V, 240V, and 277V versions.

Control4 Lighting Home Automation & Theater Experts

Control4® Forward Phase Dimmer

An economical solution for dimming forward- phase loads. Available in 120V only.

Control4 Lighting Home Automation & Theater Experts

Control4® 0-10V Dimmer

Provides in-wall control of four-wire 0-10V dimmable fluorescent ballasts and LEDs. Available in 120/277V and 240V versions

Control4 Lighting Home Automation & Theater Experts

Control4® Fan Speed Controller

Provides quiet fan speed control of standard paddle-type ceiling fans. Available in 120V only.

Control4 Lighting Home Automation & Theater Experts

Control4® Switch

On/off control of a variety of load types. Supports high in-rush loads like fountain pumps or banks of fluorescent lights. Available in 120V, 240V, and 277V versions. Also available in square format for UK and Euro markets

Control4 Lighting Home Automation & Theater Experts

Control4® Auxiliary Keypad

An economical solution for three-way load control. Connects directly to compatible Control4® Dimmers, Switches, or Fan Speed Controllers with existing, in-wall wiring. Available in 120/277V versions.

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