Wi-Fi and Cell Signal Boosters

Since we started trading in 1998, home networking has rapidly expanded into one of the most needed services in the world. With audio and video content shifting online from traditional media such as CDs and DVDs, the need to have a well-connected home is increasing all the time.

Broadly, there are two kinds of home network to consider – wired and wireless. The wireless variety, also known as wifi, is normally the least labor-intensive to install. A wifi router is placed somewhere within your home and transmits and receives data for all your devices.

A wifi router will often work immediately, just connect it to a power supply and away it goes. However, when using multiple devices in a crowded area, it will require proper configuration to make sure you get the best out of your wifi.

Using a wired connection may result in faster data transfer around the local network (although your internet connectivity will remain at the same speed no matter which method you use) it also requires cables to be taken from the router to an end point where a device is.

If you have pre-wired your home, this is a simple process. However, in most cases, your home won’t have been pre-wired and you’ll have to have cables tacked to walls or require fairly major work to have them hidden away inside walls, under floors, and through ceilings.

Once your connection type has been established, it’s time to start connecting your devices to your network. They might be laptops, computers, cell phones, home automation devices, even home alarm systems.

If you’ve never tackled this before, it can be an overwhelming task. It’s easy to get wrong, and the potential for frustration is massive when a device won’t connect properly for the nth time.

To prevent all of these problems, call in the professionals to supply, install, set up, and configure your home network. We’ll take the time to understand what your needs are and set up your network accordingly.

With our knowledge and experience, we’ll be able to solve any problems that arise, and get you online and connected all around your home in double quick time.

There’s always that one tricky spot where your cell phone signal drops out and you can’t make or receive calls. No matter how you position yourself or which way you face, it’s always the same problem.

Cell phone signal boosters take an existing cell phone signals and amplify them, providing better connectivity for any cell phone in the area. This will let you use your device in locations where you were previously unable to obtain a signal.
We can install cell phone signal boosters and TV antennas to help you get better cell reception all around your home, along with a better chance of being able to view terrestrial TV broadcasts with a better clearer picture.

If you’re trying to cut the cord and avoid using cable subscription services, both of these items will be of interest to you.

While most online viewing occurs over a wifi or broadband connection, there may be times you need or want to drop back to using cell data. If you haven’t got a strong enough signal to make a call, you certainly won’t have a strong enough signal to watch Netflix or Amazon Prime. Attempting to continue without the use of a signal booster is a recipe for frustration.

Similarly, if you’re wanting to watch digital terrestrial television, you’ll need a digital-compatible antenna. Many older antennas are not compatible with digital transmissions and will not provide the correct signal to a TV or set-top box that is connected to it.

By ensuring you have a correctly configured antenna, you’ll be able to receive these transmissions and view them in the originally intended quality, with less chance of interference or broken images and sound.

If you are experiencing problems with signal strength either on your cell phone or digital TV receiver, get in touch today and let us help you explore the options to resolve your connectivity issues.

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