Which Smart Home Automation System is Best | Control4 vs Crestron

Control4 vs Crestron

Which Smart Home Automation System is Best | Control4 vs Crestron

Control4 vs Crestron

Competing systems are nothing new, as innovation by one company drives innovation in another. Some of the best-known brand names in smart home control are Control4 and Crestron, and both have innovated in different ways.

Here’s some of the ways in which they differ.

The Front End – How to Interact

How to control and interact with the system is a major factor in choosing a control system, and these two companies have very different options. Control4 uses a simple and straightforward icon-based interface to allow configuration of options.

An icon of a lightbulb with the word “Lighting” below it lets you choose the lighting options, and that’s about as complex as it gets. Simple for new users, and powerful enough for anyone.

Crestron allows the installer to design the user interface. This means that every company that installs a Crestron controller will have a different interface for the control panels, and the quality of this interface is down to the design skills of that company.

You might get something that is fantastic, but on the other hand, you might not…

With a standardized interface, Control4 gets the nod here, purely for simplicity. Some of this may be alleviated by connectivity with Alexa and Google Assistant which allows the possibility of voice control, but you shouldn’t really have to try and find ways of avoiding using the control panel!


For lighting control, we can focus on the lighting element rather than shades, as most shades are very similar.

Lutron are an established name in automated lighting is Lutron, and while Control4 has its own lighting system it also maintains compatibility with Lutron products. The Control4 system has a few extras, such as lights that adjust automatically based on the ambient light their control pads receive, and so make a good choice.

Crestron also have their own lighting system which is very similar to Lutron. There aren’t quite as many options for Crestron as there are with Lutron, so it is useful that the Crestron system is also compatible with Lutron bulbs.


Control4 panels have a built-in video intercom system allowing you to check who is at your door, or alternatively chat with other people in your home. Crestron control panels can connect to door cameras, but don’t offer other video intercom facilities.

Whole House Music

The Control4 system is capable of delivering whole house music with connectivity to Pandora, Deezer, Spotify, and others. The Crestron system does not natively connect to any streaming services, but it can be added by a programmer. Both systems will allow locally stored media to be played over multiple speakers around the home.


Both systems are capable of integrating with security systems, setting your thermostat, and running a smart automated home – but overall the Control4 system is more user friendly.

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