Access Control in Network Security | Home Automation System

Access Control in Network Security

Access Control in Network Security | Home Automation System

Access control is simply a way of controlling who has access to your building or home. In a smart home environment, access control can even be configured down to access to individual rooms and is used to improve both safety and security.

The main access points to your home can be controlled automatically and unlock when you are near. This can include doors and garage doors.

By identifying you through wireless means, as you approach home, your garage door can open and subsequently close behind you after you have driven in. If you live in a building with external gates, the same thing can happen – the gates can automatically open to let you in, and close after you have entered.

This helps prevent access from any unauthorized individuals, as the usual state of the gate or garage door is closed and secured.

Upon reaching the front entrance to your home, the door can unlock automatically, and lock again once you are inside. It is very easy to just walk in and leave the door unsecured, but with the use of automated access control, your home will become a much safer place.

In the same way, internal doors can be prevented from opening. This is useful if you have pets or small children who you don’t want to be able to enter certain areas. The doors remain fully functional for authorized people, but others cannot enter.

The methods for implanting access control include keypads, wireless communication devices (connecting via Bluetooth and other technologies), and even fingerprint and facial recognition systems. Different methods are appropriate in different situations, but are all more secure than just a standard lock and key.

With a home automation system, you can even control access remotely. Should a door be left unlocked, you can secure it at the touch of a button. On the other hand, if you are out and a delivery arrives, you can check it out on a security camera, communicate with the person making the delivery, and potentially unlock the garage to allow them to drop the item off. Once they have left it, you can close and lock the garage door again.

Access control systems therefore increase your security by keeping out unwanted guests, increase your safety by selectively preventing access to particular areas, and help you to keep on top of deliveries even when you aren’t physically present at the property.

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