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Which Room Should You Have a Home Theater In?

Not many people are aware of the fact that the room you select to place your home theater in also has an impact on its performance. Even if you buy the best home theater system, selecting the wrong room to install it in wouldn’t enable you to enjoy a superior viewing experience.

There are a number of factors which come into play when deciding the room you should have the home theater in. Since you are spending so much money on the home theater, it is prudent that you make sure it can be integrated seamlessly into your home without any hassle. Here are some of the factors you should consider when deciding which room you should have the home theater in.

Size & Space

The size of the room plays an important role in determining which home theater is right for you. What most homeowners fail to recognize is that the size of the room can hinder the performance of the home theater system. Placing a large system in a small room would create noise, and vice versa. If all the rooms in your home are small, it does leave you with limited options to select from. Make sure the room you select has enough space to accommodate the home theater system without any major redesigning.

Acoustics & Dimensions

The dimensions of the room impact the quality of the sound. In particular, rooms which are square in shape are perhaps the worst when it comes to sound problems. On the other hand, rooms which are rectangular have better acoustics and offer a well-rounded audio experience. The best possible option is a room without any windows or other outlets.

Seating & Sound

Where you sit determines what you hear and how well you hear it. Home theater systems come with surround sound speakers. You can enjoy surround sound only if the speakers are scattered and placed around you. If you have to push your couch against the wall, you wouldn’t be able to feel the difference between normal and high-def surround sound.

Distance & Picture

The bigger the screen is, the grainier it will appear to you. Unless of course you are sitting right! The distance you sit at from the screen determines whether or not you will see the grains and lines on it. There is a minimum distance which you have to be away from the screen to enjoy the picture quality. Hence, you should choose the screen size according to the distance you can achieve without affecting the sound quality.

Lighting & Other Factors

The lighting in the room plays a major role in the overall experience. There is a reason why the lights in the movie theater are out: it creates the perfect environment for watching movies. The darker a room is, the better it is for having a room theater in. For this purpose, you need to take the impact of furniture, equipment and wall fixtures into account. There are other factors that also affect the experience, such as wall colors, flooring and noise disturbances from other parts of the home.

Keep these factors in mind so you can choose the best room for installing the home theater in. A professional installer has the expertise and experience to consider all these factors.

Selecting the right room for installing a home theater provides the best viewing and listening experience. Houston Custom Installers ( offer topnotch installation services and also help you select the right room for installation.

Which Room Should You Have a Home Theater In?
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