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ISF Video Calibration

TV Video Calibration

Have you ever wondered why the picture on your television never looks quite as good as it did at the electronics store? Out of the box, your TV is set to factory settings. The picture is likely flat and not as appealing. You need a TV video calibration, and our ISF technicians can fix this! We use test patterns, specialty tools, and experience to make your HDTV look and sound its best. Some electronics stores have special rooms setup specifically to give you the full home theater experience. These often include dim lighting, carpet to stop sound echoing, and TVs over-calibrated to the point that the picture looks “hyper-realistic.” In other cases, they’ve had to adjust the picture to look good under harsh store lighting. Either way, your HDTV store experience will likely not be the same as your experience with your own home theater setup. Having your TV's video calibrated to be ideal for your home environment is no longer a challenge. Just call Houston Custom Installers for their TV Video Calibration Service. Why calibrate your TV and/or video projector? A properly calibrated TV or Projector will:
  • Produce the image quality and performance you paid for
  • Show natural skin tones and all of the available colors
  • Lasts 50% to 200% longer than the same unit at factory settings
  • Reduce eye strain and viewer fatigue
  • Is more enjoyable, life-like and fun to watch!

Basic TV & Projector Calibration & Setup

Basic Calibration is a 30-60 minute process that uses a DVD containing special calibration patterns to properly set the controls you may already be familiar with: Brightness, Contrast or Picture, Sharpness, Color, and Tint. For LCDs that provide it, Backlight will also be adjusted. Setting these controls properly can make a dramatic improvement in the quality of your picture. With a Basic TV & Projector Calibration, we will adjust the following:

  • Brightness – We will make sure your TV is bright enough to see the detail in dark scenes but not so bright it hurts your eyes and turns your blacks to grey.
  • Contrast – The opposite of brightness. We will set your contrast to the perfect level so you can see all the detail in your whites or very bright scenes.
  • Sharpness – Turn it up, right? Wrong. Once your TV is setup correctly, you shouldn’t need the extra processing. We will make sure it is set correctly.
  • Color & Tint – This is very important to your flesh tones. You don’t want everyone on TV looking too red, pale, or tanned.

Limited ISF Video Calibration

Our Limited ISF Video Calibration is a 2-3 hour process that uses specialized equipment (an industrial pattern generator and a colorimeter) to measure the precise color output of your HDTV or computer monitor. We then set it to match industry standards as closely as possible. It includes everything performed in a basic calibration, but is done in a more precise manner, This guarantees much greater accuracy in the settings. In addition to the basic settings listed above, the following adjustments are made (if possible on your display device):

  • Color temperature (D65 at up to 10 IRE points). 5500K setting for B&W content can be done on request.
  • White field uniformity
  • Image brightness
  • Overscan & scaling
  • Deinterlacing
  • 2/3 pulldown processing

Full ISF Video Calibration

When the Full ISF Video Calibration is complete, your HDTV will display a beautiful picture with accurate color, brightness, and the best possible dynamic range. This allows you to see the picture as the director originally intended. Including everything in the limited and basic packages, this option is mainly for High-End TV’s and projectors. In addition to the basic & limited packages listed above, the following are also included:

  • Color gamut by adjusting primaries and secondaries (Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, & Yellow colors)
  • 3D Optimization
  • Mechanical disconnection of SVM circuit
  • Adjustment of mechanical focus
  • Adjustment of electrical focus
  • Correction of major geometry errors
  • Adjustment of convergence via service mode

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