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Structured Wiring for an Almost Noise – Free Transmission

Nowadays, many homes comprise of high quality audio and video systems. All these high class equipments have been designed to give optimal performance, but that is only possible when the transmitting signals are retained. For this purpose, the structured wiring approach is most suitable because it transmits signal without potential loss and prevents noise interference.


Every cable is connected to a central designated head – end location, which is usually in the basement. The cables must be far from other high voltage wiring in the house to minimize interference. Moreover, none of the cables must be bent sharply, nor should a large force be exerted on them. The cables should also be terminated properly as a prevention measure. In addition, they should also be labeled.

Types of Wires

The two main types of wire used in structural cabling are coaxial cable and Cat 5 or Cat 6. The former is used for transmitting video, and the latter is used for transmitting data.

Central Unit

The place, where the head – end location is set up, should have waterproof walls. This is a requirement because these walls have no moisture and keep dust particles down. Both humidity and dirt can damage the equipment. Plywood should also be installed to serve as a mount, it must be painted black. Moreover, a 2 to 3 inches wide PVC pipe should also be fixed from basement to attic for future cabling.

Basic Design


Today, the multi line and multi function speaker phones are normally used. It is recommended to run one Cat 5e phone line from each bedroom and multipurpose room so that the wiring becomes capable of supporting a reliable phone system.  A weatherproof phone jack should also be installed at the porch or deck if the family loves spending time under the skies.


The computer cables must be connected to each room with a computer. The cable used is CAT 5e supporting frequencies up to 350 MHz. A separate cable will be needed if a printer has to be shared on the network. The CAT 6 cables can also be used for connecting computers to improve the transmission capacity but the cost will also rise.

Video Distribution

Video distribution uses an RG6 cable. However, video services like TIVO or Replay TV need the CAT 5e cable.  A separate RG6 cable will be needed for satellite.

Structured Wiring for an Almost Noise – Free Transmission
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