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Speaker Wiring – The Key to a High Quality Stereo Sound

Quality speakers are one of the most important parts of any sound system, but quite a few installers tend to ignore this. However, Houston Customs Installers consider this to be their topmost priority. Their speaker wires are superb in terms of performance. The prime reason behind this is that they carefully plan design and implementation. After all, quality equipment and wiring is all that is needed for minimum signal distortion.

If the cables have not been designed properly, a great deal of noise can affect the output. The material, gauge, length and shield are important factors to consider when designing a cable.


The purpose of speaker wires is to transmit electrical signals from the amplifier to the speaker.


Speaker wires comprise of many electrical conductors which have been insulated from each other. A jacket encloses all of them. One group of conductors is positive (red) and the other is negative (black). Usually, copper is used as the conducting material. The insulators and jackets are composed of PVC.

Typically, stranded cables are used because of their flexibility, which makes it easier to connect components.

Improving the Quality

The following factors play an important role in the performance of any audio equipment. They are all related to wiring.


Copper is available in different levels in term of performance and costs.  Low quality speakers make use of tough-pitch copper. This is not a great choice for audio when compared to other types.  Higher purity copper wires, which contain a lower percentage of other metals, must be used. These wires are manufactured in a controlled environment and contain less oxygen. This also makes them resistant to corrosion, and they have a longer life. This oxygen free metal is often termed as oxygen free copper (OFC) or high conductivity oxygen free copper (HC-OFC).

A corroded copper serves as an obstacle for electrical signals, and cannot be tolerated at any cost. So OFC and HC-OFC should be used for cables so that distortion is minimized.

Cable Twist

Poor cables are made in the zip-cord manner. A twisted conductor is a much better option because noise interference is reduced and inductance is lowered which makes it easy for the amplifier to transmit an undistorted signal.

Star Quad

Sound quality is greatly improved if separate cables are used for the right and left speakers. This is referred to as the star quad design. It also reduces the inductance, and thus, the distortion.

Speaker Wiring – The Key to a High Quality Stereo Sound
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