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Outdoor living

Did you know that bringing your audio and video capabilities to the great outdoors can dramatically increase your living space? More and more homeowners are beginning to see the value and benefit of outdoor living – for many, the yard is just as much of a place to live and relax as the living room. Having audio and video in your yard is a wonderful way to up your utilization of the great outdoors

Having audio capabilities will give you easy access to music to play during cookouts; you can lounge in the pool and watch television with video hookups; you can invite friends and family over to enjoy the benefits of a big-screen entertainment system in on your patio. With outdoor entertainment products, you can expect and enjoy the same quality of audio and video that you get inside your home!


Installing Speakers Outdoors

Taking note from home theater design, the outdoor speakers of the modern era offer tiny satellite-style speakers that can be placed around an outdoor entertainment area for surround sound that envelops. Some outdoor speakers are designed to look like light fixtures, while others have more traditional speaker designs. All come with subwoofers that are able to help complete the sound with phenomenal bass without looking obtrusive. There are even some speaker designs that are modeled after rocks, tree stumps, planters, and other outdoor objects! You can connect outdoor speakers to an indoor system wireless, or simply use the “Zone 2” output on your A/V receiver or existing home theater.



Watching Video Outdoors

With lots of innovative new products, watching movies and television shows outside is easier than ever. There are several specially designed for the outdoors flat-panel televisions that can be installed in weather-resistant cases; these are perfect for outdoor bars, gazebos, or porches. For those who like movies, outdoor projectors make it easy, and these can be incorporated into furniture. There are lots of options!

Whether your live in the city and have a small yard, or live on the outskirts with a sprawling green, you can make the most of the great outdoors with home theater entertainment. Contact us today to learn more!


Outdoor living
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