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Loudspeakers are a type of a transducer which converts electrical signals into sound. This is done by forcing a diaphragm to vibrate and transmit these vibrations into the air, which serves as sound or acoustic waves.

Types on the Basis of Location

  • Freestanding:  These speakers are just set up on the floor. They are not mounted or fixed on any wall. They are normally used with a 2 channel stereo, but can also be used for surround sound systems.
  • Architectural: These speakers are further classified on the basis of their placement.
  • In wall: In wall loudspeakers are fixed in the walls. Their depth is usually less than four inches so they can easily be fixed. However, if the depth can be extended to 6 inches, then a much better design is possible.
  • In ceiling: Just as the name implies, in ceiling speakers are located in the ceiling. The depth of these speakers can be as much as 8 inches. This increases the design possibilities, and so these speakers have a wide variety.
  • On wall: These speakers are just mounted externally on the walls. These are used when certain components are already enclosed in the wall such as HVAC systems.
  • Outdoor: Outdoor speakers are further categorized into rocks and wall types. The former category resembles a rock, and is placed on the floor. The latter category is just mounted on the outside walls of houses.
  • Wireless: Wireless speakers are not really wireless. They have to be connected to an AC source through a cord to turn on the power. The only thing is that music is transmitted to them wirelessly. Batteries may be used to power speakers, but this is not feasible because the sound quality is extremely poor.

 Usage and Applications

  • Multi Room Audio: These speakers are placed in almost every room in the house so that high quality music can be listened to anywhere on the premise.
  • Surround Sound: These speakers are placed in a single room and recreate the audio track of movies. Generally, a media room has five speakers and a subwoofer. This configuration is called the 5.1 surround sound. The speakers have been named left, center, right and the last two are side – surround speakers. Additionally, two more speakers can also be put up at the back of the room, but this is not necessary. If back speakers are used, the configuration is called 7.1 surround sound.
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