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Interior Design

For many interior designers, working with a Custom Integrator can seem like a nightmare. Many interior designers cringe at the thought of working alongside a boatload of audiovisual components, simply due to the fact that in most instances they are not the most visually pleasing aspects of a room.
However, we at Houston Custom Installers believe differently. We believe that with proper communication between interior designers and technicians, we can work together to provide a home interface that is both visually attractive and technologically sound. We have the ability to work with interior design plans to figure out clever ways to hide unsightly technological components but yet still have them be a fully functioning aspect of the home.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about how our technicians can help make a home both functional and beautiful with the combination of technological know-how and construction ability. We are able to work with a variety of different interior designers who specialize in all styles of design in order to provide a perfect home environment for the client. Let us know how we can work with you in order to best satisfy the most important part of the building and designing process – the client!

Interior Design
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