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Go Green with Home Lighting Control

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the light you left on when you went to sleep led to energy wastage and added a few cents to your electricity bill. Such oversights and mistakes are commonly seen in households everywhere. With the economy in recession and the earth battling global warming, higher utility bills and heat emissions are two things you cannot afford. There is a way you can control the lighting in your home and make it environment-friendly: house lighting control.

As the name clearly states, house lighting control helps you manage and regulate the lighting in your home. It covers the entire span of your home, from the basement to the garage. You can control all the lights in your home, indoors and outdoors with a remote. The remote is customized specially according to your needs providing you better control. Not only does it allow you to prevent wastage but to create a perfect ambience by manipulating the lighting.

The biggest benefit of house lighting control is that you save energy. A system is installed in your home and the lights are programmed according to it. You can set the specific time at which you want certain lights to turn on or off. That way, you can have minimal lights on during the daylight hours and more lights when it is dark outside. Most importantly, there are occupancy sensors installed in the system. If a room is unoccupied, the lights there would turn off automatically.

What this means is that you no longer need to worry about lights being left on after you have gone to bed. You can control the lights in your home while lying in your bed. Wouldn’t you love to turn the light on the porch off without having to get up from the bed? Of course, it is a highly convenient option that saves much of the hassle associated with managing the lights in your home.

There are some other benefits of home lighting control apart from the eco-friendliness.

  • You can leave the home empty with the lighting programmed to a sequence. Depending on your programming, the lights in certain parts of the home will go on and off as you wish. That way, you can create the illusion that the house is occupied even if you are on a different continent!
  • The energy savings translate to cost savings. House lighting control not only allows you to turn the lights on and off but to dim them when low intensity lighting is required. That way, the power consumed is minimized as is the heat produced by the lights.
  • Preventing the lights in your home from being on uselessly lengthens their life. You can use the same lights for a longer time period providing you greater value for money.

The only obvious drawback is that the house lighting control system might be incompatible with older homes. Yet, it is the best way for any homeowner to go green. Get a professional to install house lighting control and give you the remote that turns lights on and off!

House lighting control is the best way to keep your house well lighted in an eco-friendly manner. Houston Custom Installers (www.houstoncustominstallers) are experts at installing lighting control systems.

Go Green with Home Lighting Control
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