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While there is no disputing the importance of lighting in a home, equally necessary is controlling it. A lighting control system can be installed in your home to enable you to regulate the lights in your home. Not only does this help you provide effective lighting in all parts of the house, but also prevents wastage. All in all lighting control can help reduce your electricity costs and go green. Here are the top reasons to get home lighting control.

Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly

Lighting control is both cost-effective and eco-friendly. The system makes use of sensors to switch the lights off in case a room is empty. Moreover, it is also possible to dim the lights when a full glow is not needed. In addition, you get HVAC control, allowing you to keep your home at the temperature you want. As a result, you save energy and money.

Ease of Use

You don’t need to put in a lot of effort to use the lighting control system. All it takes is pressing a button and you can turn the lights on or off, or make them dimmer or brighter. Dimming the lights when you don’t need brightness is actually beneficial for the bulbs. Running on low power makes them last longer leading to more cost savings.

Adds Visual Appeal

The way you light up your home adds a certain visual appeal to it. The lighting requirements are different for the various rooms in the house. You can adjust them easily with lighting control. Also, you can have different light settings in a single room to add to its allure. It would help you make a strong impression on your visitors.

Prevents Accidents

How often have you stubbed a toe against your bed in the dark? Such small accidents are common when the room isn’t properly illuminated. This problem is taken care of by lighting control. No longer do you and your family have to stumble over something on the floor or watch your step when going to use the toilet at night.

Enhances Safety

Never leave your home in the dark when you are out. If you live in an area where leaving the house empty is a risk, the lighting control system helps you set up lights in such a way it appears like there are people inside. The lighting control system can also be integrated into an alarm to signal emergency.

These are some of the reasons why you should get lighting control for your home. Contact Houston Custom Installers to have a house lighting control system installed professionally. Proper installation is essential for you to enjoy convenient and comfortable lighting control.

The inclusion of a personalized theater in your home can be a superb asset for you and your entire family. Your friends and family will love the idea of having a soothing and amazing place to go to at the end of a hectic day when they just want to enjoy in a sociable environment. You can simply curl up in your home theater and watch your ever-favorite movie whenever you feel worn out.

If you want to arrange a home theater setup, your partnership with Bravo AV starts with a preliminary meeting. We utilize this meeting to discover the most suitable audio/video options, exclusively for your home. It is the best opportunity to discuss the project value, time period, budget, and of course your requirements. You get a chance to embellish your existing as well as newly constructed homes by employing customized home theater systems.

Services of Bravo AV:

If your family consists of movie buffs, it is intelligent to make an investment in a home theater. Although, it may sound like an unnecessary expenditure, a home theater can add great value to your home. Furthermore, you may find the installation of a home theater system more affordable than your imagination. You, as clients of Bravo AV, can enjoy ultimate home theater experience with unlimited services.

Before starting on any project, you, as a rational and sensible person, would definitely need a cost evaluation. Bravo AV provides an initial cost approximation according to the extent of your project.

You can partake in supreme quality entertainment with diverse audio/video facilities. You can enhance your movie experience with the surround sound system as it has the ability to envelop the listener with its augmented reproduction quality. Being a passionate fan of music, you can select your desired music element from a variety of options including satellite radio, CD player, or digital audio server.

Bravo AV considers it an utmost responsibility to help its clients determine the location of all control devices, TV displays, and other elements. It makes earnest efforts to synchronize the installations with your home design as well as your lifestyle.

Bravo AV intends to satisfy the expectations of its clients by all means. In this particular aspect, its skilled experts place, install, and examine your new system. You do not need to worry about the usage of new remotes as they offer you an informational tutorial.

The movie aficionados are ensured that they are offered appropriate and friendly services which are also in accordance with the industry standards. So, watch the latest movie in your own home theater while munching on some homemade snacks!

The audio/video system present in your home theater is responsible to provide a channel to the sound of music. The better your system reproduces it, the closer you feel to the music.

Hear the Difference:

A standard quality television can certainly not satisfy you if you have already found pleasure in watching high quality definition TV. Likewise, high quality audio will not let you opt back for average sound quality. Today, music has become an utterly essential part of people’s lives. The products and services of Bravo AV Consulting enable you to enjoy music along with its supreme excellence. You do not necessarily need to be fully trained or beholder of a “Golden Ear” to feel the quality of sound.

If you ever inquire a group of people about the most annoying part of a home theater system, you will probably get the same answer – the technical details. If you are a layman, you cannot be expected to have the required technical knowledge about an audio/video system. However, if music and acoustics are the areas of your interest, you can always come up with appropriate information and awareness.

You can be one of those people who can properly communicate using explicit vocabulary about their interests and inclinations. Bravo AV facilitates its customers by communicating in the most straightforward manner without using any technical vocabulary so that they can easily indicate their needs, requirements, and prospects about the quality of sound.

You are most welcome to hear the difference!

Do you know if the power your electronic devices are receiving is clean? As you would know, the equipment and appliances in your home run on AC power from the grid. What most people are not aware of is the fact that it is possible the power your appliances are getting is distorted. Not only does this pose the risk of the equipment ‘frying’ due to fluctuation, but also causes noise in your audio/video equipment.

Use Power Conditioners

The solution to this problem is using power conditioners. Power conditioners are designed as a filter to remove any noise in the line as well as regulate the voltage your devices are receiving. The conditioners ensure that the power is free from distortions, providing ‘clean’ power to your appliances and equipment.

People often confuse power conditioners with surge protectors. Surge protectors offer protection to the electronic equipment against sudden voltage surges. Power conditioners take it a step further by cleaning any and all interference from the power supply. Have you ever thought that the picture on your TV isn’t as crisp as it should be or the sound not clear? The problem can be caused by interference in the AC power your television and other equipment are receiving.

What Causes Noise and Distortion?

There are many reasons why AC power isn’t clean. Noise and distortion can be caused by voltage fluctuations or problems with the wiring in your home. It doesn’t take much to disturb the flow of current to your home.

Benefits of Using Power Conditioners

You may feel that using surge protectors and power stabilizers is sufficient to keep your electronic devices safe. However, there are a few other benefits of using power conditioners apart from the protection of the equipment and appliances in your home:

  • The issue of voltage fluctuations, interference and noise in the AC power is only increasing with time. The effects of these problems will become more evident as time goes by. Instead of waiting for it to get worse, you can solve the problem right away.
  • Using power conditioners ensures that the AV devices receive clean power from the source. It will enable you to use them for a longer time while at the same time enjoying clearer visuals and sounds.

Selecting the Right Power Conditioner

To ensure best performance, it is important that you select the right power conditioner for your home. Make sure the one you purchase suppresses AC noise, regulates voltage, is insured and has the number of outlets you need.

Contact Houston Custom Installers for proper installation of a power conditioner to protect your AV equipment and eliminate noise.

Having a home theater installed gives you endless entertainment options. With the new age television sets, speakers and blu-ray players offering crisp and clear sound and visuals, there is little to argue against getting one for your home. However, one thing most people ignore, or rather overlook, when having a home theater installed is the heating, venting and air conditioning (HVAC) design of the room. The average person may not realize this but the room temperature has a direct impact on the performance of the home theater. You have to ensure that the system doesn’t heat up or freeze.

HVAC for Home Theaters: A Technical Conundrum

The considerations and parameters for installing an HVAC system that is ideal for your home theater is a task for specialists. They are the ones who know the needs and requirements of the room in which you are having the home theater installed. The room temperature is not only affected by the home theater system but also the other electronic appliances and devices. Of course, the lighting in the room also has an effect on the room temperature.

Hence, selecting a generic HVAC system for the room is not the perfect solution. The needs are different so the solution needs to be different as well. The factors for deciding which HVAC system to install will also be different than normally used for deciding on the best system to use for a room. A professional installer is well-equipped to analyze all these factors and information and provide you the best possible solution.

Considerations to Be Made For Home Theater HVAC Design

The main reason why you should leave the job to the professionals is that they know the considerations which have to be made. Home theater HVAC design shouldn’t be taken lightly as it could affect the durability and performance of your home theater system. In addition, it also has an effect on the experience you get to enjoy while watching TV or movies.

Here are some of the considerations which have to be made:

  • The first and foremost factor to consider is that the HVAC system shouldn’t emit any noise. There is nothing more frustrating than the drone of your heating system while you are trying to enjoy your favorite song on the TV. It requires modifications to the duct work to ensure there is no leakage or other problem which could cause sound emissions.
  • The cost considerations are also important. The system has to be independent from the other heating and air conditioning equipment in the home but not expensive. Proper installation enables you to control the functionality depending on your needs.
  • The HVAC system shouldn’t intrude on the aesthetics of the room. The main thing is to make sure you don’t hear the system performing its functions but it is quite possible it cannot be hidden from view. Thus, the system should be installed without tampering with the décor and design of the room.

For the best home theater HVAC design, contact Houston Custom Installers. Professional installation allows you to enjoy the entertainment options provided by your home theater without worrying about room temperature or noise from the HVAC system!

Having a home theater in your living room provides you access to unlimited entertainment at the touch of a button. However, technology has progressed far beyond that and you can build your own media room in your home without breaking the bank. Get better-quality functioning along with a superior movie watching or gaming experience. A media room serves several purposes and is a one-time investment which makes a valuable addition to your home.

What is a Media Room?

It is a relevant question to ask since most people today have comprehensive home entertainment systems, complete with 65 inch screens and surround sound. A media room is more than just your living room with a huge television set and blu-ray player. It is a complete transformation of the room into an entertainment hub.

Technically speaking, a media room has the equipment you need to enjoy the best quality video and audio. In addition, the aesthetics and décor of the room is also taken into consideration and modified to create a media room. It is more than adding or removing couches or rugs from a room. Your living room or lounge would no longer retain its original look.

Why Have Your Own Media Room?

The cost of the entire endeavor can prove to be perplexing for the average homeowner. They have to make sure what they get is worth the money they spend on having the media room. After all, you are going to need some hi-tech equipment plus extensive redesigning of your room might have to be done as well.

Yet, there are some great reasons to go for it.

  • Obviously, you will enjoy a picture perfect viewing experience. Gone are the days when you had to settle for substandard or average picture quality. In a media room, every visual you see would be crystal clear. It gives a new meaning to watching TV or movies or playing video games.
  • Complementing the visual experience would be the sound. The media room would add high quality sound system to your home entertainment system. With multi-channel speakers and hi-definition surround sound, you will enjoy an exquisite aural experience.
  • The media room would be customized according to your preferences and your budget. You don’t have to spend more than a reasonable amount to have a topnotch media room in your home.

The professionals who come in to install the equipment for the media room also provide sound advice on the electronics and acoustics of the room to ensure no interference from static or voltage fluctuations. Since you are spending so much money on a media room, it is prudent to ensure that the electronics are safe from sudden surges and drops in voltage. Home electronic devices are sensitive and voltage problems can fry your blu-ray player.

If you are interested in having your own media room, contact Houston Custom Installers right away. They will come in and help you plan the entire installation process from selection of the equipment to the redesigning of the room. You just sit back and watch while they do the work!

Do you like listening to the radio? While people are more inclined towards television and the internet to look for entertainment, there are still some connoisseurs of the evergreen entertainment medium. Sirius and XM worked together to create Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Promising better reception, wider variety of channels and no commercials, Sirius XM is the future of radio.

Why Sirius XM?

Regardless of what it promises to offer you, there is still the question of why you should opt for Sirius XM. After all, there isn’t a dearth of quality AM & FM channels on air at present. You can tune in any time you want and listen to your favorite radio station. However, there are some reasons why Sirius XM is a cut above the rest.

  • It’s digital, unlike FM & AM broadcasts. You don’t get to hear any static, which is common whenever the signals are blocked or interrupted.
  • Despite being a new entrant into the arena, Sirius XM provides wide coverage. In fact, you can tune in from any part of the country and enjoy a static-free listening experience. The wide coverage makes it the ideal radio service for long road trips.
  • The song and artist information flashes on the screen in front of you when you are listening to Sirius XM. As you would know, this isn’t the case when listening to FM or AM. Half the time there is spent guessing which song is on or who’s the singer. You have to wait for the RJ to tell you.
  • There are 130 channels available on Sirius XM, providing all the variety one could ask for. Featuring news, sports, comedy, weather updates and much more apart from music, Sirius XM offers something for everyone.
  • In case you don’t notice, 60 of the channels on Sirius XM are commercial-free. On your regular radio programming, channels often fill around 20 minutes of every hour with commercials. What you get with Sirius XM is uninterrupted listening pleasure.

Integrate Into Your Home Entertainment System

You don’t have to purchase a special radio transistor to access Sirius XM. Most blu-ray and DVD players support Sirius XM and you can get a professional to have it set up on your computer/laptop. You can listen to the digital radio service in your home, office or car, wherever and whenever you wish to.

Contact Houston Custom Installers to have Sirius XM Satellite Radio integrated seamlessly into your home entertainment system.

There isn’t a great deal of mystery regarding home theaters. Most people are familiar with the basic formulation of a home theater and the components requires for it. If you are thinking of getting a home theater for your home, it would be great for you to know the nitty-gritty of home theaters. Here is an overview of the basic components required to create a first-rate home theater.

Defining ‘Home Theater’

A home theater is a room in your house designed for watching TV and movies. The elements in the room combine to create an atmosphere similar to a movie theater. When you are watching a show or a movie in your home theater, you will feel as though you are in a cinema. It involves a merger of electronic equipment and interior design.

Home theaters nowadays comprise of not only the standard electronic paraphernalia but furniture and other items as well. The aim is to create a movie theater-like experience but in the comfort of your living room. It takes movie and TV watching to a new level. The three things that make a home theater great are crystal clear picture, crisp surround sound and a relaxing environment.

The components which make up a home theater include:


The projector receives pictures from the source and displays them on the screen. To replicate the experience of going to the movies, the dimensions of home theater projectors are larger than your average television screen. A quality projector provides blemish-free viewing.

Sound System

The sound system includes a number of devices and parts.

  • The first is a receiver, which interprets and distributes the sound signals it receives from the source. The signals are then transmitted to the speakers.
  • The number and size of speakers in your home theater system depend mainly upon the size of your room. Generally, five to seven surround sound speakers are used.
  • Other audio equipment, such as amplifiers, is sometimes used to control the sound levels and prevent distortion and static.

Also, the installer you call in to install your home theater will analyze the acoustics of the room to make adjustments and modifications to avoid echo and other noise issues.


The most important part of the setup is the devices which transmit the audio and video signals to the projector and sound system. With a home theater system in place, you have the option of watching TV programs & shows and movies as well as playing video games. Hence, the devices you need to have in place include DVD or blu-ray player, gaming console, satellite decoder and other digital media devices.

These are the main components which make up a home theater. Of course, the electronics of the room would have to be managed in order to prevent any accidents or damage to the equipment. Only then can you enjoy watching movies and TV with complete peace of mind.

To ensure your home theater system is installed perfectly, call Houston Custom Installers now.

A home theater is a valuable addition to any home. It opens the door to a wide range of entertainment options. To enjoy full use of your home theater, it is important that it is installed properly and perfectly. For that, you should call a professional. Since installing a home theater isn’t exactly rocket science, some people decide to do it on their own.

Call a Professional

Calling a professional is a much better option than doing it yourself. You save a lot of time and effort and though you have to spend a little cash, be rest assured that the home theater has been installed in the best way possible. This is because the professional installers follow a systematic process incorporating the following steps:

  • An initial assessment of the customer’s home to determine the best place for installing the home theater. The homeowner’s preferences and requirements are also taken into consideration when deciding the configuration of the home theater. Other important factors such as time and budget for the job are discussed.
  • The professional installer brings with him the crew required for the job. Depending on the needs of a particular project, the team can include electricians, carpenters, interior designers, painters and other specialists.
  • The team carries out an analysis and assessment of the site at which the home theater is to be installed. They make an evaluation of the probable risks and damage which may occur. Other specifics of the home theater system are also decided upon.
  • The room is then analyzed keeping in mind the required acoustics for the home theater. The acoustics of the room have to be perfect for an optimal aural experience. The sources of power for the home theater system are checked for adequacy.
  • Perhaps the most important step is carrying out the modifications required for the electronics to function properly. Home theaters are sensitive equipment and simple voltage fluctuation or a sudden surge can cause them to fry. Hence, ensuring the use of resistant cabling is important.
  • The final step of the process is installation when the home theater is put into place. The professionals carry out a final analysis to determine the quality of the job. Any kinks or faults found in the installation are rectified at that point.

Call Houston Custom Installers if you plan to have a home theater installed in the near future. The specialists and experts would help you decide on the best course of action for the installation process.

Theater acoustics is a prime factor that needs to be considered when you have to experience an unforgettable entertainment, movie, presentation, or merely song. With appropriate acoustics in your room, you will get vivid and influential sound in your personalized home theater. Acoustics, lighting, mechanicals, positioning of speakers, electronics, and conditions of room are the factors that a designer has to evaluate in order to satisfy the client’s expectations. Furthermore, the client’s monetary budget is also an important consideration.

Design Requirements for Acoustics:

The designers have to undertake the following tasks while designing the acoustics for an immaculate home theater.

Firstly, the sound inside the room is controlled and maintained so that the sonic experience of your movies and presentations can be maximized. Isolating the room from undesired and distracting noise is just as essential. You would never want your movie experience to be disturbed by unwanted and disruptive sound effects coming from adjoining spaces and external environment. Similarly, your home theater needs to be free from the buzzing and whizzing of fans, motors, and other mechanical systems.

Above all, the sound created inside the home theater should be confined within the room so that other areas may not be disturbed by the loud sound effects of your movies. You should be able to feel equally loud sound in all parts of the room so that its unique quality can be maintained.

Aims of Designing Home Theater:

The first and foremost aim is the provision of intelligible sound effects to the clients. You can never enjoy an audio/video if the dialogues or sounds are not understandable. You should emphasize on the excellence of home theater equipment to have an ultimate audio/video experience. A high-quality sound system is one that can envelop you with the virtual image of each sound. Positioning of speakers is an important aspect in this scenario.

As a listener, you should be able to feel the difference reproduced by a sound system between the softest and loudest sounds. If your particular sound system is efficient, it can reproduce easily perceptible soft sounds as well as comfortable loud sounds. You may have observed a resonance or a secluded duplication of sound because of your inefficient sound system. Beholders of top-quality sound systems do not experience undue treble, inappropriate musical resonance, and reverberating bass.

As a fervent fan of home theater facilities, you should choose supreme quality equipment and proper setup to enjoy high quality sound effects in your movies, songs, and videos.