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Home automation is no more a dream. It has made life easier by providing convenience and security at the touch of a button. What’s best is that many of the home automation items don’t need new wires for set up, so it is easy to incorporate.

Through its structured wiring, you can manage your home efficiently. Its impressive structure for transmission of data allows several phones to be connected together, along with data streams, video cameras and satellite systems to be routed in one comprehensive and well structured cable system.

What makes it appealing is that the wiring system is neat and properly hidden inside the walls. You can access the wires through multi port wall plates. Wiring protocols are built inside these walls and at the gateway of your home, which acts as a central hub for all your electronics.

Besides, through structured/smart wiring you can easily insert new and improved devices of home automation like security cameras, a lighting control system, and computer networking.

Besides, through structured/smart wiring you can easily insert new and improved devices of home automation like security cameras, a lighting control system, and computer networking.

You and your family members can access all the devices from anywhere at any time.  Structured wiring enables you to share data, access broadband internet and printers easily. It saves power and cost. Besides computer networking, structured wiring for TV and video allows you to monitor security cameras on your TV set.

Nonetheless, amateurs should not carry out the installation of structured/smart wiring in your home because it’s risky. It’s is best if you get it installed by professionals and specialists.

Huston Custom Installers have been providing installation services for over 12 years. They have a team of experienced technicians who are ISF and THX certified. They have vast knowledge and are highly skilled.

We offer you installation services at an affordable price. In addition, we also offer 100%customer satisfaction and lifetime workmanship warranty. Above all, we are the best installation service providers in the country and our success can be measured by the rapid increase in our list of clients.So use this one stop solution to meet all your wiring and networking needs. It’s better to get the work done properly the first time rather than hire some to do the job right the second time.

It is good to pamper yourself once in a while. Having your home fully automated with motorized shading is one way. None of us like to get off the bed on our days off. That is, until the curtains let you. What if there was a way to close the curtains without ever getting up from the comfort of your bed? Fortunately automated or motorized shading can ensure just that.

Of course motorized shading isn’t only designed to help you sleep late. It also works well with –

Home Theatre Systems

Sometimes, the best time to watch a movie is early in the morning. Unfortunately bright sunlight tends to wash out the beautiful images on your big screen television. You can go manual and yank the shades by hand or save yourself the trouble by installing windows or shades that can be controlled electronically. These shades are operated by an installed motor that is designed to move the curtain fabric from a window as soon as it is activated. The motor is triggered with a handheld remote control. In other words, all you have to do to sweep your curtains aside is push a button instead of having to do so manually. Such a system offers a lot of convenience especially to people with larger homes. After all, the bigger the home, the larger will be the windows.

With Lights

Lighting affects your mood, which is why many home decorators select paint colors with care. Home owners who don’t, make do with lighting. Home system installers also focus on electronic window coverings for this very reason.

There is also the matter of balancing natural and artificial light. For instance, the more sunlight a room gets, the less will you use the lightening fixtures. Of course, you may also want to increase the room’s lights at their brightest if there is no sun. The entire room will look appealing once you have managed to balance the lighting.

If you want to install a motorized shading system in your home, then Houston Custom Installers are whom you should turn to. We are the best in the business especially when it comes to television or full home automation systems. Our staff of professionals is trained to come up with and install customized video, audio and home automation systems. We offer services range from residential to commercial needs like businesses, restaurants, bars, offices and others.

Through home automation you can make your home safe, convenient and fun. With a remote control, you can operate your light bulbs, monitor security cameras, home appliances and more. What’s more exciting is that you can manage all the functions of your home through your mobile phone or tablet from anywhere at any time, whether you are at home or not.

Your mobile phone works just like a remote control. Through a mobile app, Bluetooth enabled technology and mobile sensors you can configure your phone to your desired home product. This has really given busy individuals and their families peace of mind. Now they can easily watch their homes on the go, on their smart phones or tablets.

Bluetooth technology has addressed the main concerns of people across the world like security and wireless range of the smart home. The usage of this technology allows you to control the functions of your home and make it a smart home.

Now through your mobile phone and tablet, you can save energy and save on your electricity bills. You can manage your lighting control system on one click even when you are away. This means you can get all the information about the power consumption of your home on your cell phone and make adjustments accordingly. You can turn up the heater via your cell phone, so that you can enjoy the perfect temperature when you come back home.

With your smart phone and tablet you can control your windows, door locks and monitor it carefully. If you see any unusual activity like thieves breaking in your home, you can call the cops immediately.

However, connecting your home products to your cell phone or tablet can only be possible if the installation is foolproof and carried out by experts. Amateurishly installed devices with mobile sensors through poor Wi-Fi connection on your cell phone can hinder the connectivity thus cause problems for you to watch and control your home appliances through your cell phone.

Houston Custom Installers is a renowned name and a reliable installation service provider. With over 12 years of experience in setting up smart homes and delivering value added services to clients nationwide, we have become the leading installation service providers. We extend our installation services to all our customers at an affordable price.

We guarantee you complete satisfaction coupled with lifetime workmanship warranty. Our team of professional technicians is technically sound and highly skilled in installing devices with perfection and quickness.

It’s time you transformed your home into a smart home simply by getting a lighting control system installed by Houston Custom Installers.  We are the leading installation service providers in the country since 1998. We offer unparalleled installation services at an affordable price.

What is a Lighting Control System?

A lighting control system is a groundbreaking innovation with sensor based and time based lighting control allowing you to control light bulbs and switches at your home from a distance.

How does it Work?

It works like magic. It allows you to control electric switches with motion sensors. Besides, it is configured in a specific way that allows lights to switch on when the sun sets and switch off during daytime. In addition to this, you can also schedule changes and program it the way you want.

Advantages of a Lighting Control System:

A lighting control system saves energy. Through a lighting control system, you can dim your lights any time according to the ambience you desire. It reduces your electricity bill by 15%, saves energy by 20% and increases the life of your light bulbs by 50%.

It provides your home security with convenience. Through its programmed software, called Foresight with control4, it allows you to operate and control your light bulbs when you are away from home and from any part of the world. Therefore, when people passing by see the lights of your house switched on during night they assume that somebody is home and thus there are fewer chances of robberies.

It eliminates wastage of energy through vacancy sensors in the lighting control system. These vacancy sensors are installed to monitor and detect the presence and absence of people. Lights are automatically switched off if nobody is present in the room.

Installation Cost of a Lighting Control System:

The installation of a lighting control system can be quite costly mainly because of two reasons.

  1. Installation charges depend on the installation service provider
  2. Amateur installation service providers try to install lighting control systems without any technical knowhow or experience and end up ruining it. So you have to bring another installation service provider to fix it all over again which costs you double.

Houston Custom Installers are the number 1 installation service providers. We have ISF and THX certified professional technicians who have complete knowledge and years of experience in installing lighting control systems. Moreover, we offer all our services at a pocket-friendly price. We also guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction along with lifetime workmanship warranty.