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You do not need to designate a special room for your home theater installation.  If your favorite room in the house is your family room, and that is where you want your television to be, then you can complete your TV installation in your family room.  It need not be complicated; start with a flat television set to hang over your fireplace.  Choosing this spot means you can enjoy a fire in the fireplace at the same time you are enjoying your movie.

The next step in your home theater installation is installing your speakers.  Installation experts, like Houston Custom Installers, will be able to help you choose the best places for your speakers and install them so that all wires and cords are hidden.  Your home theater installation professionals can also place your lighting on your control panel as well, so that with the touch of a button, you can start your movie and dim your lights.

If you are using your family room, you will need to be prepared for when you do not want to watch a movie or when not everyone in the room will want to watch a movie. Furnish it accordingly.  Include in your TV installation plan comfortable chairs that can all swivel to watch television together, or can turn to face one another for an evening chat or a card game.  Include a billiards table or a small dining table and chairs if there is room.  In fact, a truly advanced home theater installation will allow you to open and close your drapes with your control panel as well.

Sometimes a dark cloud does have a silver lining. When one family suffered heavy damage in their basement due to a house fire, they had no choice but to redecorate. At that point, in addition to adding a new master bedroom suite, they completed a home theater installation in their basement.  They started with a TV installation that actually incorporated his computer and state of the art sound card in place of a projector.  They were then able to use their computer as a central control panel for their entire entertainment system, including visuals and sound.

The home theater installation incorporated this TV installation and surround sound speakers, as well as wiring to control the entertainment systems in the upstairs living room and bedrooms.  Each can operate in sync, as when the family wishes to play music throughout the house, or individually, when someone wants to watch one thing in a bedroom while another member of the household wishes to watch something different in the basement.

The do-it-yourself home theater installation includes a finger print lock.  The homeowner did this in an effort to control his children’s viewing choices.  If the steps this homeowner took sounds like something that would be advantageous to you but you do not know where to begin, consult a home theater installation service like Houston Custom Installers and they will help you plan and execute your ideas. You can do what this family did, or your consultant may offer you some ideas that are better for your particular home.

If you have been under the impression that the only people who can complete a successful home theater installation are those who live in large, spacious homes, think again.  A family living in a modular home, measuring 1800 to 2000 square feet, can enjoy the benefits of a home theater installation as well as a family living in a much larger home. The difference is that in the modular home, the home theater will be the focal point, while in a larger home: it can be in a basement or family room.

One such family completed a TV installation of a front projector set with a pull down screen in the living room of the home, with the viewing screen at one end of the length of the room.  They added a 5.1 surround sound speaker system and a DVD player.  Happy with their do-it-yourself home theater installation, they added two rows of two reclining arm chairs, facing the screen.  The chairs, however, could swivel so that when not watching a movie, the inhabitants of the room could visit and chat, facing one another.

They added sound absorbent wall board over the factory paneling in the next phase of their home theater installation, maximizing the sound quality from their surround sound speakers.  As the family grew and grandchildren began to visit, they added a new home theater installation project by incorporating video games and interactive capabilities to their system for the entertainment of all who visited. This project proves that home theater installations are not just for those with very large houses, and shows that a wide screen TV installation project does not prevent you from using the room when not watching television.

If you are thinking of converting a nice sized family room into a game room, you can easily modify that conversion to create an entertainment hub for your home.  With the help of a home theater installation expert, you can learn how to integrate your entertainment system and wide screen TV installation with the development of a game room with a pool table and wet bar.  This will become the heart of your home, and a great place to entertain friends.  Those shooting pool or visiting at the bar will benefit from the state of the art speakers that will be part of the home theater installation, and those watching a movie can still visit with those visiting and playing games.

Home theater installation experts, like Houston Custom Installers and others like them, will be able to look at the space you have and help you ascertain how best to use that space.  They will also be able to launch your home theater installation, maximizing your visual and audio quality for the best possible results, hiding all wires and cords in your walls or ceiling in the process.  Family, neighbors, and friends will flock to your parties, as it becomes the meeting place for holidays and celebrations.

Your home theater installation consultant will teach you how to utilize curtains and drapes to create a decorative look, as well as serving to absorb excess noise and ensure that your sound quality is at its best.  More than a mere TV installation, this project will send your entertainment center into the technological future.

If you were ahead of the curve and completed your home theater installation several years ago, when most of us had never heard of or considered the prospect, it might be time for an upgrade.  Technology has been changing rapidly and you will likely find that some of the equipment involved in your original TV installation is obsolete.

One upgrade recently completed by a group of home theater installation professionals included an audio upgrade, moving it from a 5.1 to a 7.2 audio system, greatly improving the sound quality of the entire theater.  The original TV installation had included a 90-inch flat screen television; this upgrade included a change to a 115-inch deluxe wall television, giving the viewers a larger, and better quality picture, while saving space in the room overall.

The upgraded home theater installation required a 42-shelf equipment rack, while the original system had only required a 30-shelf rack.  The home theater installation professional solved this problem by cutting into the wall and installing new shelves to accommodate the new TV installation.  He then covered the rack with a smoked glass door to prevent the system’s LED lights from interrupting the viewing pleasure of the homeowners and their guests.

Another timely upgrade involved removing the wall panels, which had once been state-of-the-art.  The new home theater installation gave the owner total control at the touch of a fingertip with a T4 touch panel, a conveniently modern amenity that probably was not available when the system was first installed.

Today’s wide screen television sets offer the very best in high definition visuals and audio enjoyment.  Don’t just settle for a basic TV installation when you can use your new TV to create a brand new home theater for your self.  Set aside your basement or your unused den or family room to launch a full scale home theater installation.  The difference between the two is this:  a TV installation gives you the opportunity to enjoy an evening of watching television or a movie in high definition.  A home theater installation, on the other hand, maximizes your enjoyment by creating an environment that is conducive to optimum sound, vision, and comfort.

A home theater installation expert can help you decide how you want your new entertainment space to look, and how best to set up your television and speakers to make the most of your television viewing.  Surround sound speakers will be placed in strategic points in the room by the home theater installation professional, who will carefully hide wires or utilize satellite speakers so that there are no cords.

In addition to helping you create a personal home theater, he will help you create your own unique theme or look, which could be based on a favorite movie or character, or simply incorporate the colors and designs that you prefer.  TV installation experts will be able to create the environment you would prefer aesthetically as well as offering the best in sound and visual quality, for your maximum entertainment.

If you are considering a home theater installation, congratulations!  You will enjoy hours of entertainment in a comfortable environment, designed for optimal visual and audio pleasure.  Before launching such a project, be sure to do some research so you know what this kind of TV installation entails and therefore what kind of a budget you will need to set for yourself.

Of course, you will need to choose a television.  Plasma screens are very popular, as are projector/screen sets.  The home theater installation process is designed to create a total viewing environment, so you will need to decide how and where you will mount your set, and what you will do with the walls surround it.  Some TV installation projects involve custom built entertainment centers, while others make use of wall mounted television sets, surrounded by decorative curtains.  These curtains serve as decorative features, as well as noise absorbing panels, giving you a truer, cleaner sound.

Your speakers are just as important to your home theater installation as your television set is.  A professional who specializes in home theater installation projects can point you toward the right speakers for your room, advise you as to their placement, and install them for you so that the wires and cords are hidden; he may also recommend satellite speakers which require no wires.

Finally, once the hardware and electronics are taken care of, your home theater installation project will be ready for furniture and accessories.  These are your choice, although you will find that there are certain chairs and furnishings that were designed specifically for home theaters, and will help you make the most of your new system.

A successful home theater installation that meets or comes in under budget is a challenge for any installation professional. TV installation professionals understand that most customers who are seeking to put in a new entertainment system and home theater really do not understand what a home theater installation or what the costs are going into the project.  The initial consultation is often a matter of educating the client so that his budget and his expectations are realistic.  Important adjustments were made in the client’s plans before moving forward.

In the case of one particular customer, the home theater installation was part of a basement build-out.  A contractor was brought in for the construction portion, but the customer soon learned that while he wanted to save money, the construction contractor was not able to complete the TV installation and home theater installation satisfactorily.  In the long run, although he paid extra for a consultant who was an expert in home theater installation, he saved money in having the job done correctly and to his specifications without having to go back and have any part of the project corrected or redone.

The construction contractor remained on the job, but only completed his work after consulting the home theater installation expert so that his work coordinated with the needs identified by the installation professional.  Once the construction was done, the TV installation could be successfully completed; while the entire process was costly, the installation expert had discussed budgets and costs with the client upfront, so there were no surprises.

A home theater installation does not have to create a modern theater involvement at all.  The home theater is about maximum viewing pleasures, which means it is about your satisfaction in viewing, listening, and your overall comfort.  For this reason, you should not be put off by the examples of complicated modern home theaters.  A wide screen, high definition TV installation can, in fact, create a traditional look and feel and still maximize your comfort and viewing.

Depending on your areas of expertise, you may choose to build or have built a traditional style entertainment center that accommodates the size and shape of your television set.  Be sure to include space for speakers.  Once built to specifications, bring in a home theater installation expert to advise you on speaker placement and features that can be added to the room to improve your acoustic quality.  Your TV installation contractor will work your wiring through your ceiling or along the baseboards so you can enjoy the surround sound effect without tripping over the wires on the floor.

A home theater installation expert will be able to advise you about the best possible placement of your chairs and furnishings and will be able to talk with experience about the placement of noise absorbing drapes over windows or walls.  When using an entertainment center for your TV installation, you will be taking away the need to find a place for the control panel; it can be built right into the custom built cabinet.   Even if you are an avid do-it-yourself individual, you will find that bringing in a home theater installation expert will help put a professional edge on your home theater.

A science fiction loving family learned that there are few limits to what can be done with a home theater installation. This particular homeowner chose to create an elaborate with his home theater recreating the Stargate Command Center from the famous moving, “Stargate,” and the subsequent television series. The TV installation created a replica of the “Stargate,” and panels were built to replicate the rest of the Stargate command room.

The result was a thoroughly modern room replete with lights and effects to give any room inhabitant the sense of being there, at the SG-1 location.  No detail was spared in this home theater installation; projectors were installed to create the watery effect, just as you see on the show or the movie.  This effect is constant, making it look like the gate is open whenever someone walks by the theater.

This was a complicated home theater installation, with many of the components being built and tested in the TV installation company’s location, and then shipped to the home to be installed there.  The results were more than satisfying.

The doors to the room were computer engineered by the home theater installation experts, were made of wood, but then stained and airbrushed for a finished look.  Casings were backlit and made to replicate the Stargate Command doors.  In order for the doors to work properly, the home theater installation had to include a small air compressor to run the pneumatic relays so the doors could be opened and closed with remote access or with the use of motion sensors.