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Turning a Remodel into a Home Theater Installation

Sometimes a dark cloud does have a silver lining. When one family suffered heavy damage in their basement due to a house fire, they had no choice but to redecorate. At that point, in addition to adding a new master bedroom suite, they completed a home theater installation in their basement.  They started with a TV installation that actually incorporated his computer and state of the art sound card in place of a projector.  They were then able to use their computer as a central control panel for their entire entertainment system, including visuals and sound.

The home theater installation incorporated this TV installation and surround sound speakers, as well as wiring to control the entertainment systems in the upstairs living room and bedrooms.  Each can operate in sync, as when the family wishes to play music throughout the house, or individually, when someone wants to watch one thing in a bedroom while another member of the household wishes to watch something different in the basement.

The do-it-yourself home theater installation includes a finger print lock.  The homeowner did this in an effort to control his children’s viewing choices.  If the steps this homeowner took sounds like something that would be advantageous to you but you do not know where to begin, consult a home theater installation service like Houston Custom Installers and they will help you plan and execute your ideas. You can do what this family did, or your consultant may offer you some ideas that are better for your particular home.