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Touch Panel Demos

Touch panels give you total control over your home

Whether you want to lower the shades, turn on the A/C, check to make sure your kids are safe in bed, or set the mood for dinner with lights or music, a touch panel can do that.  Our team of expert programmers create a custom user interface, designed just for you and your home. Thinking about the office? Lower the projector screen, start the presentation, dim the lights, cue the sound, and make sure your coworkers overseas are live via teleconference.  And accomplish it all without getting up from your seat at the head of the conference table.  Residential or professional, we can meet all your needs.

Below we have two interactive touch panel demos, each exhibiting a sample user interface. So try them out, see how HCI can help get control over your home or office, and put at the tips of your fingers.

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