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The Ideal Home Theater Installation for Sci Fi Lovers

A science fiction loving family learned that there are few limits to what can be done with a home theater installation. This particular homeowner chose to create an elaborate with his home theater recreating the Stargate Command Center from the famous moving, “Stargate,” and the subsequent television series. The TV installation created a replica of the “Stargate,” and panels were built to replicate the rest of the Stargate command room.

The result was a thoroughly modern room replete with lights and effects to give any room inhabitant the sense of being there, at the SG-1 location.  No detail was spared in this home theater installation; projectors were installed to create the watery effect, just as you see on the show or the movie.  This effect is constant, making it look like the gate is open whenever someone walks by the theater.

This was a complicated home theater installation, with many of the components being built and tested in the TV installation company’s location, and then shipped to the home to be installed there.  The results were more than satisfying.

The doors to the room were computer engineered by the home theater installation experts, were made of wood, but then stained and airbrushed for a finished look.  Casings were backlit and made to replicate the Stargate Command doors.  In order for the doors to work properly, the home theater installation had to include a small air compressor to run the pneumatic relays so the doors could be opened and closed with remote access or with the use of motion sensors.