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Protect your Precious Electronic Devices with Power Conditioners

Do you know if the power your electronic devices are receiving is clean? As you would know, the equipment and appliances in your home run on AC power from the grid. What most people are not aware of is the fact that it is possible the power your appliances are getting is distorted. Not only does this pose the risk of the equipment ‘frying’ due to fluctuation, but also causes noise in your audio/video equipment.

Use Power Conditioners

The solution to this problem is using power conditioners. Power conditioners are designed as a filter to remove any noise in the line as well as regulate the voltage your devices are receiving. The conditioners ensure that the power is free from distortions, providing ‘clean’ power to your appliances and equipment.

People often confuse power conditioners with surge protectors. Surge protectors offer protection to the electronic equipment against sudden voltage surges. Power conditioners take it a step further by cleaning any and all interference from the power supply. Have you ever thought that the picture on your TV isn’t as crisp as it should be or the sound not clear? The problem can be caused by interference in the AC power your television and other equipment are receiving.

What Causes Noise and Distortion?

There are many reasons why AC power isn’t clean. Noise and distortion can be caused by voltage fluctuations or problems with the wiring in your home. It doesn’t take much to disturb the flow of current to your home.

Benefits of Using Power Conditioners

You may feel that using surge protectors and power stabilizers is sufficient to keep your electronic devices safe. However, there are a few other benefits of using power conditioners apart from the protection of the equipment and appliances in your home:

  • The issue of voltage fluctuations, interference and noise in the AC power is only increasing with time. The effects of these problems will become more evident as time goes by. Instead of waiting for it to get worse, you can solve the problem right away.
  • Using power conditioners ensures that the AV devices receive clean power from the source. It will enable you to use them for a longer time while at the same time enjoying clearer visuals and sounds.

Selecting the Right Power Conditioner

To ensure best performance, it is important that you select the right power conditioner for your home. Make sure the one you purchase suppresses AC noise, regulates voltage, is insured and has the number of outlets you need.

Contact Houston Custom Installers for proper installation of a power conditioner to protect your AV equipment and eliminate noise.