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    View images from our Product Gallery to see some of the work we have completed.  Whether your job is large or small, Houston Custom Installers will handle your project with care.

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    Basic on Wall TV Installations

    This is Houston Custom Installers basic installation and setup. We meticulously mount you new TV to the wall using a mount of your choice. All of the cables will be hidden to guarantee a super clean and elegant look.

    Component Shelf Installations

    This installation is very similar to our basic on wall installation. The major difference here is that your new wall mount includes a shelving system to hold your components. Once again you can be assured that all wires will be hidden for a very organized and clutter free appearance.

    Speaker Bar Installations

    A sound bar installation involves the centering and installation of a sound bar to a wall. The sound bar, much like the TV, will have all of it wires hidden to produce an effect of a floating speaker element. Sound bar installations add a futuristic and cool look to an on wall TV.

    Speakers on Wall With TV Installations

    This installation is a combination of the three previous. As before all TV and speakers are all mounted on the wall and with all the wires hidden away. This combination installation can include a Sound bar or not.

    Home Theater Room Installations

    A Home Theater Room Installation is where we truly shine as we get to showcase our expertise and superior products. This type of installation is for those who have recreating a true theater experience in mind. We will advise on everything from wall color to projector selections. Our component installations will be planned to maximize the viewing and acoustic potential of your selected room.

    Outdoor Audio Video Installations

    This type of installation brings all of our technical skills to your outdoor living space. We are capable of installing audio and video technologies outdoors so that you may thoroughly enjoy the totality of your property. By installing screens and speaks strategically you can listen to music or even watch movies as you enjoy the great outdoors.

    TV on Brick Fireplace Installation

    By far the most difficult tv installation is the brick fireplace. We do custom installations with concealed wires.