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Home Theater Installation: One Example

A 5500-square foot home positioned on the waterfront was rewired throughout the home for television, radio, stereo, phone, data, as well as a state of the art theater system.  The home theater installation professionals first consulted with the homeowners to find out their priorities and desires.  What they wanted most from their TV installation was that it be easy to use and that it come in under their set budget guidelines.

The home theater installation contractors installed a Middle Atlantic equipment rack that would be the control station for the entire home in a space in the family’s chosen room for their TV installation. Ultimately, the control system controlled the home theater, as well as the satellite receives for the other television sets in the home and the home audio system.

This home made use of Direct TV, which allows their DVR’s to share recorded television shows with up to five different television sets throughout the home.  This makes careful planning for TV installation elsewhere in the home a little more important, as it indicates home theater installation for maximum viewing pleasure throughout the house is important.

In the home theater itself, the TV installation recommended that the homeowners install fiberglass wrapped panels to the room to help control the acoustics.  These worked beautifully, and with the help of contractors, the room was completed, ceiling to floor to create a beautiful room with optimal acoustics and viewing capacity. Once the home theater installation was completed, the family had a state of the art theater in their home, and top quality viewing capacity in other rooms as well.