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Home Theater Installation for Smaller Homes

If you have been under the impression that the only people who can complete a successful home theater installation are those who live in large, spacious homes, think again.  A family living in a modular home, measuring 1800 to 2000 square feet, can enjoy the benefits of a home theater installation as well as a family living in a much larger home. The difference is that in the modular home, the home theater will be the focal point, while in a larger home: it can be in a basement or family room.

One such family completed a TV installation of a front projector set with a pull down screen in the living room of the home, with the viewing screen at one end of the length of the room.  They added a 5.1 surround sound speaker system and a DVD player.  Happy with their do-it-yourself home theater installation, they added two rows of two reclining arm chairs, facing the screen.  The chairs, however, could swivel so that when not watching a movie, the inhabitants of the room could visit and chat, facing one another.

They added sound absorbent wall board over the factory paneling in the next phase of their home theater installation, maximizing the sound quality from their surround sound speakers.  As the family grew and grandchildren began to visit, they added a new home theater installation project by incorporating video games and interactive capabilities to their system for the entertainment of all who visited. This project proves that home theater installations are not just for those with very large houses, and shows that a wide screen TV installation project does not prevent you from using the room when not watching television.