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Home Automation: Your Way towards a Smarter and Intelligent Residence

Home automation has been designed to ease users and facilitate them with their day to day tasks. All the devices in the house are connected to a central control unit and can be programmed for various tasks. Thus, a home automation system provides you control, ease and even a form of savings.

There are many design possibilities of a home automation system. You can connect any device to it, and it will do whatever you want it to do at your preferred time. The central control will also be your choice. You can manage the entire system with your PC, your mobile phone, a remote or even a touch screen located anywhere in your house. You can choose a suitable level of control for yourself.

A home automation system can be installed in your new house or integrated in your old home. Every choice is yours to make if you get it done through a renowned organization such as Houston Custom Installers.

The many possibilities of home automation systems have been summarized below.


Control all the lights in your home whether they are located in the bedroom, the kitchen, or out on the porch from a single location. One click is all that will be needed to turn off all the required lights. If you choose to control your system with a mobile phone, then you can do it from anywhere, even outside your house. Some systems allow you an extended control from an altogether different location in the world.


Installing an advanced home automation system will give you access to modernized cameras. You can use them to view every room in the house, and even the yards outside it whenever you are away. You can also enable video recording and set the cameras to automatically take pictures whenever a movement is detected.

The system is smart enough to set off an alarm, and notify the nearby police station or the fire department in case of an unwanted disturbance or a fire. It even informs you of the situation on your mobile phone.

Home Theatres

While you can install a home theatre system by itself, you can integrate one with your home automation system. Home theatre systems are complete with a large screen, surround sound and an optimal quality. Moreover, anyone who does not want to enjoy it, does not have to be disturbed by the loud sounds. This is made possible by completely sound proofing the room.

Heating Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC) Systems

Specially designed thermostats maintain a fixed temperature in your house. You can even set it to automatically lower the temperature in hot weather and increase the temperature in cold weather. Maintaining the house at a different temperature during the day and a different temperature during the night is also possible. Moreover, the system will automatically shut down if you are not at home, which will reduce your electricity bills. You can easily switch it back on or program it to turn on by itself some time before your return.