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Getting the Optimal Performance from a Home Theatre System

When you purchase a home theatre system, you must be aware of several factors that can affect the performance of your equipment. It is really important to keep the following points in mind when you install and set up your home theatre system.

The Room

A home theatre system has been designed to give you a cinema-like performance. Cinemas usually comprise of rectangular rooms which are completely enclosed. The same goes for your home theatre system. The room where you install them should be rectangular, fairly big and have little to no sunlight. Outside light will reduce the picture quality and an open space will reduce the sound quality.

Go for curtained walls and carpeted floors if your budget permits you. These decrease disruptive echoes, and considerably improve performance.

The Display Screen

Set up the television in a place where it is easily visible, and where there is little or no outside glare. The best place for the screen is usually the far flung wall of the room.

The Sound System

Choosing a suitable place for the sound system is one of the most difficult parts. The front speakers must be set up at the same height and distance from each other. They should also be located near the screen so that it seems that the sound is coming from there. If you have ever been to a real theatre, then the speakers are usually not noticeable. The sound just appears to be coming from the screen itself. The same should go for your home theatre system.

The rear speakers can be positioned in many different ways. You can either place them on the sides or the back of the room whichever is the place farthest from the screen. Whatever their location, they must also be set up at the same height and be equidistant from each other.

The subwoofer can also be placed in any location in the room. The best place is, however, against a wall or on the floor so that you can get a rumbling sound effect.

The Lights

Lighting is one of the most important factors which affects performance. The room should be as dimly lit as possible so that there is no bright glare on the screen, but the light should be enough to prevent your eyes from straining. Too much light in a completely dark room often causes a strain on your eyes.