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Deriving a Realistic Budget for Your Home Theater Installation

A successful home theater installation that meets or comes in under budget is a challenge for any installation professional. TV installation professionals understand that most customers who are seeking to put in a new entertainment system and home theater really do not understand what a home theater installation or what the costs are going into the project.  The initial consultation is often a matter of educating the client so that his budget and his expectations are realistic.  Important adjustments were made in the client’s plans before moving forward.

In the case of one particular customer, the home theater installation was part of a basement build-out.  A contractor was brought in for the construction portion, but the customer soon learned that while he wanted to save money, the construction contractor was not able to complete the TV installation and home theater installation satisfactorily.  In the long run, although he paid extra for a consultant who was an expert in home theater installation, he saved money in having the job done correctly and to his specifications without having to go back and have any part of the project corrected or redone.

The construction contractor remained on the job, but only completed his work after consulting the home theater installation expert so that his work coordinated with the needs identified by the installation professional.  Once the construction was done, the TV installation could be successfully completed; while the entire process was costly, the installation expert had discussed budgets and costs with the client upfront, so there were no surprises.