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Create the Environment You Desire with a Home Theater Installation

While it is possible to complete a successful home theater installation using the space and furnishings you have at hand, it is possible to create exactly what you want if you are willing to pay for it.  In the case of one family, this meant moving heating ducts and rerouting some electrical work.  Luckily, this individual had the skills to complete this work himself.  For others, contractors would be required, with the consulting assistance of a home theater installation expert.  Pure attention to detail resulted in a cinema style TV installation in the style of the 1930s and 1940s.  A projector, mounted on the ceiling, displays movies on a large screen, which is framed in a dark red velvet curtain.  A step in the middle of the room allows for tiered rows of seating and a rich black and red carpet is added to the floor.

The look is ideal, and the home theater installation makes excellent use of technology to optimize viewing pleasure as well.  Surround sound speakers are strategically placed to offer a true cinematic experience.  Speaker wire is carefully tucked away inside the ceiling and behind pictures so the final result of this home theater installation is clean and clear.

This family included in their TV installation an authentic looking lobby outside their theater as well.  Here they set up a curio cabinet that contains movie memorabilia and more hangs on the walls. The home theater installation has been completed in such a way that the controls for the speakers, television, lights, and curtains are all controlled on the same panel.