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Blu-Ray: The New Revolution in Audio and Video

Blu-ray Disc or just Blu-ray or even BD is a format of the optical disc, which has been developed for recording, playing and rewriting high definition (HD) audios and videos. It is also used to store massive amounts of data since its capacity is five times more than traditional DVDs. Over the years to come, Blu-ray will eventually replace DVDs completely.

Reasons for Upgrading to Blu-Ray

You might be wondering why you should upgrade to Blu-ray when your DVD player is doing fine. The answer to this is very simple. It is because of High Definition TV that you should make the switch. If you have seen an HD video, then you have probably noticed that the picture is of superb quality with vivid colors and incredible sharpness. This is because HD allows more details to be put in than DVD, hence the improved quality. The need for more storage was this very reason in fact, and led to the development of Blu-ray.

Moreover, Blu-ray also has other special features such as interface and networking. The menus and graphics have been taken to an entire new level. You can also download content, update it via the internet and even watch live broadcasts. All this means a much better experience.

Buying a Blu-ray player does not mean that you need an additional DVD player as well. The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) has set standards which make sure that every BD device is compatible with DVDs. This is also a surety of the fact that your DVD collection will not be rendered useless once you get a BD player.


Blu-ray players read data using a blue colored laser beam, hence, the name. A blue laser has a better focus than a red laser, which is used in DVDs. This improved focus allows more data to be packed on a disc of the same standard size than when compared to a red laser. As already mentioned, the storage capacity is five times more, so you can imagine how much better a Blu-ray disc is.


You need the following components to get started off with viewing the greatest quality videos to date.

  • BD player
  • HDTV
  • HDMI

If you are interested in purchasing a Blu-ray player, then Houston Customs Installer is a great choice. The organization has an expert technical team which deals with the design and installation, and ensures your Blu-ray player gives you optimal performance.