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A Modern Home Theater Installation in a Traditional Room

A modern home theater installation does not necessarily have to mean a modern home décor.  In the case of one family, a rustic style entertainment center was built that covered the entire wall with a variety of shelves and a custom space for their TV installation.  Shelves hold books, statues, and artwork, and the rows of theater seats are replaced by a big comfortable couch in classic shades of beige and brown.  The plush carpet acts as a sound absorbing material, which is necessary to make the most of your home theater installation.

While the look is traditional, the home theater installation is anything but old fashioned.  The TV installation experts placed the surround sound speakers strategically around the room, disguising and camouflaging them so that they do not detract from the overall décor of the room. Additionally, the home theater installation included electronic control of the lights and window treatments in the room.

The end result is a comfortable room where anyone would be able to relax by putting their feet up, or where it is easy and wonderful to cuddle on the couch, but where, thanks to a complex home theater installation, you can be surrounded by the sounds of your favorite movie at any time.  When the mood strikes, you can turn down the lights, close the drapes, adjust the bass in your sound system, and start your movies without ever leaving your seat.  This is the kind of home theater installation that makes watching a good movie truly enjoyable.